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Permanent Makeup Treatments

Eyebrow Tattoo

Your eyebrows can dramatically change the way you look. Tattooing provides that your eyebrows are perfectly shaped and symmetrical. The permanent effect can dramatically change the way you look. I provide a consultation prior to any procedure where I will assess your skin type and discuss the colour and shape you require in order that we can achieve your desired outcome.

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Lip Tattoo

Lip treatments help you achieve a natural look, giving a fuller effect that looks beautiful once healed. Lip treatments are perfect for adding fullness and definition that adds a pop of colour and structure to your lips. The treatment can give a soft or dramatic outcome depending on which colour is chosen.

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a type of semipermanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles. This is more of a cosmetic enhancement rather than traditional tattoo art. Lip blushing focuses on altering both colour and shape to create younger-looking lips.

Permanent Lip Contouring

The procedure can transform your lips by adding definition and volume. It is possible to create a more youthful appearance by contouring your natural lip line. Whether you want to have a blush of colour or simply define your lip line with your natural lip colour, permanent make up for the lips can give you the perfect natural pout.

Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent lip liner is a type of cosmetic tattoo applied to the outer contours of the lips to define their shape. It may be used to correct abnormalities of the mouth or may be purely cosmetic.

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Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner tattooing treatment gives shape and definition to your eyes. Following your treatment your perfect eyeliner will give you a newfound confidence when not wearing any makeup. This look will stay on when you are swimming or exposed to water. Additionally, if you may suffer with vision or struggle to apply eyeliner this treatment may be for you.

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Price List



Deposit deducted from treatment cost. (Refunded for clients who are not good candidates for the treatment).


Shadow/Powder Brow

This technique will create an eyebrow pencil or makeup look.


Ombre Brows

This effect will create a textured brow effect.


Hair Stroke Effect Brows

Very natural creating the look of real hair.


Top Up Treatment

4 weeks after initial treatment.



Top Eyeliner Enhancement

Thickness decided in consultation.


Bottom Eyeliner

Lower lash line.


Top & Bottom Liner

Full eye defining.



Lip Liner

Lip liner effect.


Lip Blush

Full lip colour, various shades.


Lip Line & Blushington

Full lip colour and liner.


Touch Up / Colour Booster

Within 8 weeks


Within 6 months


Within 12 months


Within 24 months


Deposit Refund Policy

Your deposit will only be refunded if 24 hours notice has been given before treatment no matter what the reason is, this must be confirmed by email. Important Notice: It is important that you adhere to the advice laid out to you in the consultation prior to treatment, if you do not comply with this notice then your initial deposit cannot be refunded.