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Hair Stroke Eyebrows vs Microblading

What is the difference between Hair Stroke & Microblading?

If you are looking for the most natural eyebrow look then hair stoke brow is for you.


What is Hair Stroke?

Hair stroke gives the eyebrows the right shape by permanently drawing arched lines resembling individual hairs. This permanent eyebrow method allows to recreate the missing hair fragments as well as change the height of the tips and recreate the whole natural brow look. Hair Stroke method consists of drawing on the eyebrow arch in such a way that it resembles natural eyebrows by pigmenting single lines on the skin in a shape resembling a natural hair. The Hair Stroke looks similar to real eyebrows.

The Effect

Optically thickened and beautifully emphasized arch! This method of permanent makeup of the eyebrows allows you to give them a beautiful shape and partial or complete reconstruction of the hair.


Hair Stroke Will:


Price List



Deposit deducted from treatment cost. (Refunded for clients who are not good candidates for the treatment).


Shadow/Powder Brow

This technique will create an eyebrow pencil or makeup look.


Ombre Brows

This effect will create a textured brow effect.


Hair Stroke Effect Brows

Very natural creating the look of real hair.


Top Up Treatment

4 weeks after initial treatment.



Top Eyeliner Enhancement

Thickness decided in consultation.


Bottom Eyeliner

Lower lash line.


Top & Bottom Liner

Full eye defining.



Lip Liner

Lip liner effect.


Lip Blush

Full lip colour, various shades.


Lip Line & Blushington

Full lip colour and liner.


Touch Up / Colour Booster

Within 8 weeks


Within 6 months


Within 12 months


Within 24 months


Deposit Refund Policy

Your deposit will only be refunded if 24 hours notice has been given before treatment no matter what the reason is, this must be confirmed by email. Important Notice: It is important that you adhere to the advice laid out to you in the consultation prior to treatment, if you do not comply with this notice then your initial deposit cannot be refunded.